Luxitex 220N

AppearanceWater Transparent Emulsions Almost Looking Like Solution, Having Bluish Fluorescence.
Dilutable TypeWith Water to Any Extent, However to Obtain Best Finishing Results Usage of Soft Water Is Advisable.
pH Value5 to 5.5
Product CodeLuxitex 220
Country of OriginMade in India
Packaging TypeBarrels
BrandN S Chemicals & Consultants Pvt Ltd
Packaging Size50 L
Usage/ApplicationTextile Industry


Luxitex 220

An excellent finishing agent to create a smooth and lubricated touch. The products were finished with Luxitex 220 have the characteristics of silk in the drape and feel. It is a great tool to finish womens wear and shirts. Particularly helpful for polyester/viscose blends.


  • Luxitex 220 is used as a softener, which provides wash fast silky finish. The padding solution is created using soft water for the most effective results. The suggested recipe will be as follows: Luxitex 220 5 to 30
  • Soft water X
  • Acetic acid 1
  • To make it to 1000

Five grams of Luxitex 220 will give a stunning finishing for lighter types like sarees. The finish is different from silicon emulsions or silicon softeners, and it is a distinct class. On viscose and the mixtures of viscose, the finish is more silk-like.

Other finishing agents, such as polyvinyl acetate, resins, polyacrylamide, etc., can be used per the requirements.

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