Luxitex 108

AppearanceYellowish-White Transparent Thick Liquid
FeaturesEasily Dilutable with water,Nonionic in nature.
Country of OriginMade in India
Packaging Size50 L
Product CodeCleantex 307
Physical StateLiquid
BrandN S Chemicals
PH ValuePH of 1% solution is about 6.5 to 7.
Packaging TypeBarrels
Usage/ApplicationTextile Industry

LUXITEX 108 is the most appropriate alternative for developing dispersed colors on a polyester substrate using loop-steaming methods. It also functions as an excellent leveling agent when utilized with HTHP steaming methods. In the case of the pad-dry-print-loop-steam method, CLEAN TEX 307 gives excellent leveling of the padded shades.CLEAN TEX 307 acts as a hydrotropic agent. It is very affluent to polyester. It forms a fine, uniform layer over polyester. The dispersed dye is first dissolving in the layer. This decreases the dimension and size of the dye. This micro-fined dye can transfer to polyester at higher temperatures with greater ease. This provides more color quality and more effects of leveling. Since the maximum amount of dye is fixed, washing is also more straightforward.

Method of Application:

Prepare the gum thickener with the desired viscosity using the usual method. (Do not add Citric acid). Add to this paste 0.3 to 0.5 percent CLEAN TEX 307 (for loop steam methods) or 0.2 percent for steaming using HTHP). Add the dispersed dye pre-dispersed according to the specifications of the shade that is to be printed. Mix well; add 1% POLY PRINT PH (Acid buffer for polyester printing) print-dry-loop-steam (Or HTHP steam). Wash with Reduction Clearing Agent 101, as normal. Pad for pad-dry-overprint process with disperses dye solution that contains 3 to 5 grams per lit. CLEANTEX 307 and 20 grams/lit. CLEAN TEX 328. (An Anti-Migrating Agent). Keep the pH between 5 to 5.5 by using Citric Acid. Dry - Overprint with Disperse color past containing 0.3 to 0.5 percent CLEAN TEX 307 and Citric acid (to maintain the pH at 5 to 5.5). Dry and loop steam or thermo fix or HTHP steam like normal. Clean using CLEAN TEX 102, as per usual.