1.) LUXITEX 203 :
Luxitex 203 is an excellent 'SCOURING AGENT' cum 'WETTING AGENT' cum 'STAIN REMOVER' that can be used in jet dyeing operation for simultaneous dyeing & stain removal. It also prevents rope marks, acts as a defoamer & levelling agent during dyeing. At the end of dyeing operation it acts as a reduction clearing agent. Luxitex 203 can also be used as effective stain remover either in scouring or peroxide or scouring bath. It can also be applied by spotting & padding techniques.

2.) W 208 :
W 208 is a wetting and antifoaming agent with excellent penetrating properties, for use in printing paste.

3.) LUXITEX 210 :

Luxitex 210 is a Non Silicate based peroxy-stabilizer useful in processing of cotton, especially knitted goods & towels. Luxitex 210 stabilizes Hydrogen Peroxide, even under strong alkaline condition such that it allows scouring & peroxide bleach in one bath. It does not impart harshness to fabric & gives fullness along with full absorbency to the cloth, the quality that is required for towels & knitted goods.

4.) LUXITEX 216 :

Luxitex 216 is a unique ' Wetting Agent' for hypochlorite bleaching. This product can also be used as an emulsifier for making kerosene/water emulsion paste required for pigment printing.








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